The Edinburgh Parent Centre

is closing on 31st March 2021.

Founded by Frances Byatt-Smith, has been helping and supporting parents in the Edinburgh Community for over seventeen years now.

Frances holds a degree in Psychology (BA Hons.) and can draw upon over 30 years' hands-on experience working alongside families - first for the NHS Lothian as a Health Visitor, and then as a private practitioner. This is in addition to her own personal experiences of raising children.

At Edinburgh Parent Centre, we are committed to providing a holistic approach to each parent because each parent and their circumstances can be very different. We are also extremely passionate about helping and supporting parents to meet the challenges in today's changing society enabling them to have a positive experience of parenthood. We use a developmental parenting model which helps parents to parent through the ages and stages of their childs development. This also includes an uderstanding of their child's temperament and emotional development.

We offer a range of one to one courses for parents - including online sessions, workshops for specific issues as well as emotional coaching for children directly.

All courses are available only online because of Covid 19.

Individual coaching can help you to focus on the particular issues that you feel are holding your family's happiness back, as well as maximising the time spent developing your parenting skills.

Email and telephone support is also available throughout the duration of the course.

Group courses for groups of parents wishing to attend a course together can also be arranged.